"I set up Lupine Travel with the aim of opening up hard to reach destinations."

I've been involved in the travel industry for just over a decade. I set up Lupine Travel in 2008 with the aim of opening up travel to hard to reach destinations. From a starting point of 3 tours, we've now grown to running trips to over 30 countries and with offices on 3 continents.

Over the past decade I've led almost 100 tours and taken over 30 recce trips to set up new tours. It's been packed full of highlights. Some of them include; taking the BBC and Top Gear to Ukraine to film their Chernobyl episode as well as establishing and running annual sporting events in countries such as North Korea and Iran and much more.

Lupine Expeditions is now an exciting new chapter that I'm looking forward to working together with James and Oli on.


    For me, it is always the unusual and the unexplored which holds the greatest appeal.

    My love for adventure travel emerged from gaining a degree in Outdoor Leadership (BA) from the University of Central Lancashire between 2009-2012. During term-time, I learned from some of the best outdoor instructors in the UK, while I devoted each summer to working and travelling in different parts of the world.

    In January 2016, I embarked on my biggest adventure yet: a solo overland journey across the mountainous spine of Asia. I travelled by any means from Hong Kong to Istanbul, crossing eleven countries and climbing fourteen mountains in mid-winter, while facing countless challenges along the way. This journey was the basis for my first book, The Trail of the Mountain Folk.

    To date, I have visited fifty countries and climbed mountains in half of those, including the likes of Mont Blanc. As a professional British mountain leader and expedition guide, I now dedicate all my time to planning or leading journeys across the globe. For me, it is always the unusual and the unexplored which holds the greatest appeal.

    Dylan and James have pioneered so many intrepid journeys in the last decade, and for all of us, Lupine Expeditions will be the start of the next ambitious adventure.


    "I was longing to put together adventures for other people."

    After travelling a lot in my early 20's I first met Dylan after taking a trip in to North Korea with Lupine Travel in 2012. We hit it off and made several research trips together to Iraqi Kurdistan, Ethiopia and Somaliland which later became popular Lupine Travel tours.

    I later decided to take a career break from Software Engineering to ride my bicycle from London to Shanghai in China, along the Silk Road through Iran and Central Asia. Upon my return from this trip I was longing to try and make a career out of putting together adventures for other people and ended up joining Lupine Travel at the end of 2015.

    After initially looking after Lupine Travels tours to North Korea, I launched various new destinations in East Africa as well as the North and South Caucasus, plus an ambitious voyage to the Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific.

    Lupine Expeditions marks the start of a combination of Lupine Travel’s on the ground experience in some of the worlds most difficult to visit countries, and the expedition experience spread across the Lupine Expeditions team and I’m excited to be a part of it.